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After 20 years in advertising, adman/madman Tom Stevens had finally had enough. Frustrated by the decline of the American dream and pissed off beyond reason by politicians and other beasts of the night ( like vampires and predator drones ) he finally burst at the seams and poured everything he’d learned the hard way into a self-help book like no other.

It’s written in plain, blunt language. Twelve powerful chapters, beginning with You vs. The World, and finishing with a cold hard look at the toughest nut you’ll ever have to crack: Yourself.

Think you can take it? Sure you can. You wouldn’t want to go up against the monsters of the world unarmed, right?


This Book Packs All the Punch of a 9mm Pistol


By giving you laser insight and a rock solid plan of action, you’ll discover that Nobody Cares is the most powerful tool you could ever own. You’ll learn how to kick ass and take names and best of all you’ll forever give up the worst habit a human being can ever have–making excuses.

There’s a reason the toughest people are built in Special Forces training. Think of Nobody Cares as the civilian, or academic version of being driven by a relentless drill sergeant. The point is to break you down, to destroy all your pre-conceptions and to re-build you into a driven, unstoppable force.

And now it can be yours.


Get the Money, Honey


It’s been said that America is “no country for old men.” Or, women, for that matter.  The reason is because our so-called social safety net is fraying and snapping. Pensions are a thing of the past. The cost of healthcare continues to skyrocket while our politicians suck their thumbs and give themselves raises while arranging for six or seven-figure jobs with the mega-corporate interests they kowtow to while in office. If you want to survive in today’s rigged world, you’d better start stacking the Benjamins–and the sooner the better.

Nobody Cares will show you the way.


You Have No Friends…But That’s Good News!


The sooner you realize you’re alone in the wilderness, the sooner you’ll learn to accept the priceless value of self-sufficiency. Nobody Cares is fire in rain, a roof over your head and a litmus test of the intentions of every other person you’ll ever come across in your journey from the cradle to the grave. My grandfather taught me that if you can count real friends on the fingers of one hand, you’re rich indeed. Nobody Cares shows you how and when to be a friend–and how to never again be disappointed in people.

The bulletproof truth in Nobody Cares will truly set you free.


The Business of Life, Exposed


Is Nobody Cares a business book, a self help book or a cutting satire of life and living? It’s all three. One thing it’s not is namby pamby glop. Whether you’re a young person just figuring out what to do with your life or a casualty of the new economy struggling to make it in your 40s, 50s or 60s, Nobody Cares is both your billy club and your beacon. Set your sight for the stars, but be prepared to strike down opposition to your success with the powers of a cage fighter in a death match.


You’ve Come to the Right Place


This website is more than just a hard pitch for a brilliant book–it’s your resource for on-going tips, tricks, hacks and more that you’ll be able to put into action every day when  you step outside to face the world. Read my blog, check out the resources available here, and while you’re at it pick up a copy (or several copies, Nobody Cares makes a great gift) and claim your place in the golden sun of our mad, mad world.


Surprise Yourself


You really don’t know what you’re capable of until someone puts a gun to your head and cocks the hammer back: Dive off a 30-foot tower into an olympic-size swimming pool filled with piranha? You could if you had to, trust me. Every chapter in Nobody Cares is filled with anecdotes that prove human beings are capable of far more than we ever believed possible. Sometimes you just need a little push. What’s that? Don’t look now, but there are 7 billion hungry, desperate human beings right behind you–and they all want the prize. Get moving, claim your pound (or ten pounds) of flesh from the world, or be pushed over the edge of oblivion…


What You Must Do Now


Get your copy of Nobody Cares. It’s a classic, one for the ages. A tour de force in self-motivation and achievement that will give you more confidence in yourself than you’ve ever had before. Thinking is critical, but acting is mandatory. With the Information Age disrupting everything we always assumed true in the Industrial Age, you need the living word, the unvarnished truth and the divine inspiration contained in this special little book.

Get your signed copy of Nobody Cares today, and begin changing your life tomorrow.