Nobody Cares, So Make Your Move, Pilgrim

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It took me a few decades to figure this out, but when I got it? Wham. The Holy Grail. My father tried to tell me. He was a bomber pilot in WWII. Escaped the Nazis when they rolled into Yugoslavia in the spring of ’41. His uncle, a squadron commander, told him if he played nice he’d become an officer in the Luftwaffe. Didn’t agree with him, and given the order to burn his plane to keep it from being deployed against the invaders, he and his skeleton crew decided to steal it instead, flying north by northeast into Russian territory which at that time was still unoccupied. Long story short, he was captured by the Russians and sent to Moscow as a possible spy. Didn’t like Stalin much either, so he escaped and found the French embassy which gave him asylum and spirited him out of the country to North Africa where he hooked up with the British RAF and began flying for them, bombing Rommel....

Give Failure a Big, Fat French Kiss (And Say Goodbye)

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We all know–and have been told ad nauseum–that failing is how we learn. We are told we must fail and fail and fail until we learn how to get into in the zone where we can drop 3-pointers one after the other without thinking. Effortless effort, the zen people call it. Allow the arrow to find the target. But I’m here to tell you that failure is a lousy lover who needs to be dumped as soon as he or she can be identified. And it’s no false promise! How do I know this? Wallpaper. That’s how. Pay attention: Hanging wallpaper is a bitch, especially if you’ve never done it before. For starters, the wall you’re sticking the new stuff to has to be prepped, scraped clean of any old wallpaper and adhesive. Fail there, and the new stuff won’t stick. Or it will stick only to fall off the next day. Then, the glop that you have to apply to the new paper makes it heavy and prone to flopping over on you...