How This Book is $100 in Your Pocket

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It may seem presumptuous of me to shill my own book by telling you it’s worth $100 in your pocket, but the fact of the matter is that it is. And it’s worth a lot more if you use it to form and execute¬†your own game plan by using the information you’ll find in the book. I buy books all the time without the promise that they are going to make me better at what I do, but I buy them on the hope that they will. It so happens, often, that I do learn either a technique, a method or simply a powerful truth that I had not previously embraced or understood. But let’s say, for the sake of argument, Nobody Cares is worth a real, genuine hundred bucks in your pocket because of the information and inspiration it contains. Now, let’s say you paid full freight, $20, for the paperback. You’re at least $80 up if you utilize even one of the concrete directives...

Ageism: The American Tragedy

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Nobody Cares was designed and written to be as useful to a 17-year-old as it is to any of us who may find ourselves in our 40s, 50s or older. Here’s the dope: At 17, you can get almost any kind of job you want, at least entry level. But at 50+ basically, if you lose a job, you are toast. So what does this really mean? You (we) are disposable. We have an expiration date that will occur–most likely–long before our final expiration date. The follow up question is, what do we do about that? If possible, you anticipate it, as soon as you understand it. 17 would be a great place to begin anticipating. Older than that, and anticipation must be mixed with action: carving out your own business so that you can’t be fired, and, of course, building up a war chest. Stacking the cash, in anticipation of nuclear winter, so to speak. And if you are pushing 60? You’re...