3 Pointer into a Steel Barrel @400 feet: Money Shot

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Another nostalgia story. Mid-80s, February, I’m standing on the roof of a former sewing factory (now squalid artist’s loft) in Hoboken N.J. Hanging with my friend Rob, a Siciliano from Pittsburgh, and Mimicia, my blonde female cuz from Serbia. It was, like, 10 in the morning and we’d probably had some herbal tea or whatnot, and we’re making snowballs and throwing them across the street at a rusty construction-site barrel. “Hey, dude, can you sink one?” He was talking to me. “Yeah, I think so.” Kinda trying to hit something the size of a 50-cent piece from 40 feet up and 350 feet over. Well, why not? I was driving out of Hoboken that afternoon, driving my mom’s old ’73 Olds Cutlass Supreme, after having broken up with my college girlfriend who lived in the building. I threw two, three…misses. Four, five. I think it was...

Fish Head Soup: Food of Billionaires

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You’re gonna laugh, but I’m dead serious. Fish heads, which you can often get free from the butcher or fishmonger or whoever chops the heads off fish and keeps them till you show up (it’s for my cat, man) are the food of billionaires. Pennies make dollars and dollars make millions over time: fish heads—from which you can boil up a pot of fish head stock—are one of the healthiest foods imaginable. Stick the savings in your budding portfolio and drink up the broth like it’s going out of style. Fish head soup, in which you serve up the heads with an assortment of nicely simmered vegetables, is also a very entertaining experience for your guests. Screw ’em if they can’t get down with the concept. Now, these fish heads also provide natural gelatin (very soothing digestive aid and similar to popular ‘bone broths’), natural thyroid...

US Household Debt Hits Record $12.7 Trillion: How Deep Are You?

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Debt will kill you, slowly, as you struggle to keep your head above water. It’s a nasty way to go. And you’ll never get rich carrying massive debt. Period. End of story. The banks, student loans, car payments—they all have you right where they want you. Unfortunately, you can’t emulate big shot businessmen, either,  who can take on millions in debt for their projects, offload their profits upfront as “management fees” or “guarantees” of some kind and then declare bankruptcy. So what’s a little guy to do? Reduce your debt or get out of it entirely. Yeah, yeah, yeah—I know—easier said than done. But you’re either going to find a way to get ahead or you’re going to wilt like toilet tissue in the rain. Most people get into debt for depreciating assets, with the exception of buying a home. You know, car payments,...

How the Man Can Crush the Life Out of You. Legally.

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Non-compete agreements have usually been tools to retain high-level executive or creative talent—but now according to a New York Times story by Conor Dougherty, published May 13, 2017, your blue collar freedom of choice to find new employment could be hijacked from your control if you take a job offer from another company in your industry. Take the case of Timothy Gonzalez, who in 2011 got a job he described as “shoveling dirt” for $10 an hour for Singley Construction in Columbia, Mississippi. A non-compete clause prevented him from working for any kind of competing concern within 350 miles and for three years post-Singley. But to get the job—which he desperately needed—he had to sign. A couple of years later he got an offer to operate a drilling rig for another firm, but Singley sicced the lawyers on him. The law says the company can enforce non-competes...

The Danger of Fake News: Truth or Consequences

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Remember the old kid’s story, Chicken Little? One day, an acorn falls on Chicken Little’s head and he—or she—freaks out, believing that the sky is falling and that the end of the world is near. In a panic, CL runs about wildly (like a chicken with her head cut off, except that she still has her head) warning other farmyard creatures (mostly fowl) of the imminent threat. Determined to inform the King of the coming calamity, the now panicked group makes off for the castle. Passing a fox, who inquires what all the fuss is about, Chicken Little et al are invited to safety inside the fox’s lair. Whereupon the fox kills and eats all of them. Yes, a bit of disinformation–or news that is not verified–can be a dangerous thing indeed. In today’s climate where real news is often labeled fake, and fake news is celebrated by some politicians and...