Here’s the Real Felony S*** Right Here, Sir!

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Here’s a fact: Sugar fuels cancer (link)   Now, take a look at the above picture. That’s a half found of pure, white sugar. And that’s the amount of sugar—in the form of high fructose corn syrup—in a single 2-liter soda, or so-called “soft” drink.  There’s nothing soft about it. It’s hardcore nasty, it’s legal, and it helps send customers into the cancer carousel, also known as your friendly, for-profit hospital. Nobody seriously tells you to lay off the high sugar soft drinks. Again, there’s no law against soda pop. But they also do not tell you, when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, to lay off sugar in all forms. Again, see the above link for further information. So, knowing this, and given the fact that you probably know at least one friend/relative/acquaintance who developed cancer and died, what are you...

The Truth Will Set You Free

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It’s an old and very cliché expression that originated, perhaps, in the Bible. Today, with some politicians lying 100% of the time and 100% of politicians lying at least some of the time, and everybody else trying to shake you down for dollars, nickels and dimes, where do you turn for solid, actionable information that will allow you to live a good life on modest means? You turn here, that’s where. Yes, I’m selling a book, true enough. But the sole purpose of the book, and this blog, is to cut through the crap and bottom line everything you need to know to separate friends from enemies, good finances from bad debt, and health and happiness from disease and dissipation so that you have 24/7 GPS to navigate one screwed up world. To make it in this life, you need to learn how to become a human lie detector. When you know what’s true and what isn’t you become...

If These Goats Can Pull This Off…You Can Pull Anything Off

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You may have seen it, but if you haven’t, yes, it’s goats in a tree. No, they weren’t Photoshopped. Their Moroccan shepherds showed them how to climb for food when traditional resources are scant. Seriously, take the picture in. Meditate on it for a few. It doesn’t look possible, much less plausible. But there they are. Amazing what you’ll do to get something to eat when you’re hungry, isn’t it? But look how chill these goats are. Ridiculously relaxed. That one on the far left, I swear he’s looking at the camera and thinking, “Hey! Who you lookin’ at?” If anyone  had asked these goats whether they knew how to climb a tree, I doubt if they would have even understood the question. Yet with motivation (hunger) and a little encouragement, these goats learned to climb trees. What could you do that you’ve never thought...