Before You Buy the Ferrari, Maybe Buy Some Time

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In my book Nobody Cares: The Ultimate & Only Self Help Book You Will Ever Need (I know, I’m the epitome of modesty, am I not?) I present perhaps the most important truth I have ever discovered — time won’t necessarily buy you money, but money can definitely buy you time. Or, stated more simply: “Time is money” is incorrect; rather “money is time.” So, before you buy the Ferrari, consider buying some time. Time to think, time to breathe, time to play, time to enjoy and teach your children, time to travel (nothing like a little time travel!), time to plot your next brilliant move. But time doesn’t come cheap, and the clock is always running. Time will eventually run out, and then you won’t be able to buy as much as a nanosecond more for even a billion in gold. So, as I like to say, you’d better start stacking the Benjamins, and/or reduce your expenses and shorten the time needed to...

Your Appendix Has Burst. Now, Prepare to Get Robbed

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This is a public service blog post. And, you’re probably going to develop high blood pressure just by reading it. But you’d be well advised to read on, and pay close attention. The premise of my blog NobodyCaresBook.org is to alert you to scams, ripoffs, predators — financial and otherwise — and other “legal” crooks, criminals and con artists who want to turn you upside down and shake you for every last coin you carry. The time and place you’re arguably most vulnerable in life? It’s when you’re sick, or injured, and rushed to the nearest emergency room for potentially life saving treatment. First, you’d better have health insurance. But that’s still no guarantee you’re not gonna get clipped. A company called EmCare is used by many hospitals across the US to staff and run their emergency rooms. All in the name of efficiency (coding and billing for services rendered) and responsiveness,...

Would You Get Up Early for One of These Things?

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Yeah, yeah, it’s one of the oldest sayings out there — the early bird gets the worm. (In fact, worms like living underground, where it’s dark and don’t like to come out until the sun goes down, which is why they’re called “night crawlers.” So, the early bird must instead work late to get a worm.) You’re also familiar, no doubt, with another saying: both the billionaire and the pauper have only the same 24 hours a day to either laze about or make hay. If you want to be more productive, you’ve simply got to carve the time out from somewhere in your daily routine in order to put in the required work to achieve your objectives. You either get up earlier than you’re used to and spend, say, a couple of hours working on that novel you’ve always wanted to write before you trudge off to the salt mines. Or, you come home, avoid the tequila shots and cold ones — as well as a couple hours of...

How to Hack It in a World Without Ethics

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Ethics, put quite simply, classify the practice of “doing the right thing,” typically in accordance with the Golden Rule which means doing unto others as one would have done unto him, or herself. In today’s modern world, particularly in the arenas of politics or business, ethics have been subsumed — or replaced — with the practice of behavior where “the end justifies the means.” You can see it in the wholsale corruption and exploitation of medicine (chemotherapy drugs that cost $10,000 a day, for example), costs that are left unregulated by our politicians, who are beholden to millions in lobbying dollars by the pharmaceutical industry. And, you can see it in your workplace, where corporate profits prefer younger and more easily exploitable workers to older employees, who are denied the opportunity for employment (despite their vast and accumulated experience) and are blackballed in a...

To Get Rich You’ve Gotta Be Scrappy: Here’s How It’s Done

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I took the above photo out the front door of a friend’s home in suburban Detroit. It was taken on a trash day and I’d just helped my friend haul a rusted-out old wheelbarrow and some steel barrel stands out to the curb. Not five minutes later, this guy rolls up, grabs the stuff, and stacks it precariously onto the back of his beat up truck. You can read the words “scrap metal” there on the door. As this “scrapreneur” drove off, I wondered how much money there is in scrap. And then I did a little research. Ever hear of a lady named Marsha Serlin? Over three decades past in her hometown of Chicago, Marsha started doing the same thing you see the guy in the picture here is doing — in her case, driving around in a rented truck she’d put on her Sears credit card — scavenging scrap metal from alley ways and by knocking on factory doors. As of 2009, according to this great piece in Forbes...