How’d You Like to Live Here?

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Seem like an impossible dream? Let me ask you a question… Do you ever dream of having what you really want…whether it’s the ability to work from home, or to have enough passive income to work only the hours you wish–for yourself–or even something as amazing as a little private island with a beach shack, a hibachi and a small sailboat or kayak to call your very own? Good. That’s a start. Now the BIG question. What are you doing to actually get whatever it is that you want? In the words of reggae superstar Jimmy Cliff, “I want, I do, I get,” (link) you begin by wanting something then you act by doing something…or many sequential somethings…to get what you want. This is how you get the breakfast you want; say some nice huevos rancheros with chorizo sausage (link). You buy the ingredients, you follow the recipe, and voila!...

How to Pick a New Horse

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[ If you’ve ever been flat on your ass and need a fresh horse, or out of a job with the need to re-invent yourself, please read to the end of this post and grab the book that can and will pump new life into you! ] Q: What do you do when your old horse dies? A: You pick a new horse. Like you have any choice? I’m talking about jobs, and careers here. I’m also talking about what you do when you’re mid-career — or even further down the line — and your job evaporates because your industry just “ain’t what it used to be.” I see a lot of it in the creative community that I’ve been a part of for over 20+ years as as a senior writer/producer and creative director in advertising. I’ve watched dwindling newspaper sales, like that of the Chicago Tribune, lead to the layoffs of 30 staff photographers, some of whom had been with the paper as long as 30 years. (Management said they were ‘crowd...

Your Fastest Track to Financial Freedom? Reading & Writing.

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[Pssst! Wanna make a fast buck, or maybe even a fortune? Read this through to the end and check out the nice offer I have for you at the end] Poor writing is nothing new, nor is there much concern about it. In an August 2017 article in the New York Times, Dana Goldstein reported that “more than half of first-year students at Harvard failed an entrance exam in writing — in 1874.” It’s little better today. “Common Core State Standards, now in use in more than two-thirds of the states over the past six years, were supposed to change all this. By requiring students to learn three types of essay writing — argumentative, informational and narrative — the Core staked a claim for writing as central to the American curriculum. ” So far, however, the Core has led to pitifully little measurable improvement. Students continue to enter colleges needing remediation in...

The Universe Lays Down the Law

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[read thru to end of post for a special offer that will change your life] All we have to do is pay attention. Truth exists both within us and without us. And some truths are illuminated only by darkness…such as the darkness that blots out the sun during a solar eclipse. From the New York Times, July 31, 2017: “Few eclipses have had more impact on modern history than the one that occurred on May 29, 1919, more than six minutes of darkness sweeping across South America and across the Atlantic to Africa. It was during that eclipse that the British astronomer Arthur Eddington ascertained that the light rays from distant stars had been wrenched off their paths by the gravitational field of the sun. That affirmed the prediction of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, ascribing gravity to a warp in the geometry of space-time, that gravity could bend light beams. “Lights All Askew in the...

Amazing What One Lunatic Can Pull Off…How About You?

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That’s me in front of the 3000-square foot modern lake house I designed and (mostly) built from 2004–20012. By “mostly” I mean that it was not quite finished when a loss of financing, an ill-timed tornado, and legal problems with local government brought my dream crashing down. But build it I did, every last stick and nail, with the help of one other guy named Fred. My lower back issues and years-long ibuprofen habit testify to it. Before I built this house, I knew next to nothing about construction. I had not built so much as a bird house before. What motivated me to take on such a herculean task? I believed that I could. Simple as that. I had the money for materials, but not for outside labor. I calculated that I would save big doing it all myself, allowing me to build twice as big as I had originally planned. For a year before I broke ground, I bought every book on building I could...