How’d You Like to Live Here?

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Seem like an impossible dream?

Let me ask you a question…

Do you ever dream of having what you really want…whether it’s the ability to work from home, or to have enough passive income to work only the hours you wish–for yourself–or even something as amazing as a little private island with a beach shack, a hibachi and a small sailboat or kayak to call your very own?

Good. That’s a start.

Now the BIG question.

What are you doing to actually get whatever it is that you want?

In the words of reggae superstar Jimmy Cliff, “I want, I do, I get,” (link) you begin by wanting something then you act by doing something…or many sequential somethings…to get what you want.

This is how you get the breakfast you want; say some nice huevos rancheros with chorizo sausage (link). You buy the ingredients, you follow the recipe, and voila!

Breakfast of your dreams.

The same thing applies to career choice, romantic or life partners and private islands (link–check these out!)

Of course, some things take longer to put together than huevos rancheros con chorizo, but hey–the time is going to pass by anyway.

You can bitch about your miserable lot in life or you can freaking well get on with it and go after what you want!

Little understood secret: Defining what you want is the hardest part of the equation.

But if you begin making small choices that you can execute perfectly and attain every time, you will find you can scale up bigger and faster than you ever thought possible.


Because it’s your thinking that holds you back more than anything and anyone ever could.

Get your thinking straight and start thinking big, baby. It costs NADA to do, but the upside is monumental.

And if you don’t, who cares?

As it always is in life, nobody cares what you do unless it directly affects or benefits them, so take care of yourself first — act on your dreams. Make them real. Begin with the first step now, before the bombs begin falling around you.

There’s no time like the present for doing so.

Get the full-monty run-down on how to hack the world to your benefit in my cynical but highly rewarding book, Nobody Cares: The Ultimate & Only Self Help Book You Will Ever Need, available now on Amazon (link.)

If you don’t win, I don’t win.

P.S. Enjoy the links in this blog now that you’ve finished it. Ask yourself, why not me? 

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