Thomas Stevens

Tom is a former adman and investigative journalist by training and Nobody Cares is the product of a screed first written when he was a 17-year-old high school student. Jammed in a forgotten drawer for many years, the guts of the book was given new life in 2016, when Tom, finally having had enough of Congressional gridlock, national decay and the marginalization of our most vulnerable citizens who were thrown under the bus in order to win votes for disingenuous politicians, decided to get serious finishing the work.


Nobody Cares is a primal scream and a valuable practicum rolled into one. Taking heed of lessons and knowledge hard won by others long before he was born, and distilling the information through a jaded and cynical wit which helped him cope in his tender years, Tom has produced a rare gem of a book. Blending a hard slap to the face with a gentle, guiding hand on your shoulder, Nobody Cares is inverse proof that there are indeed people who care. They’re just damned hard to find.

Nobody Cares shows you the way.

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