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Ready to Rock? Your Passport to the Promised Land is Waiting for You Now: Cheapest 20 Bucks You’ll Ever Drop

Bold claim? Hardly. The simple fact of the  matter is that there is so much actionable information—as well as inspiration—in Nobody Cares that if you apply even one method described in detail, you’ll get you twenty back as well as a Benjamin’s worth more.

Nobody Cares is available directly from the publisher, signed by the author right here on this page, or from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other select booksellers as a trade paperback or an eBook. Simply follow the links below and be instantly whisked to the retailer of your choice. For the paltry sum of a double sawbuck ($20) for the physical edition or $8.99 for the eBook, you can slip on your own set of brass knuckles (figuratively speaking!) and begin to slug your way to the top of the pops…

More good news! Nobody Cares is 12 powerful chapters followed by a book within a book: The 50 most important lessons you’ll ever need in life.

No punches pulled. Just smack-you-upside-the-head truth that you will instantly recognize and quickly embrace. Perfect for old bull elephants as well as young bucks, not to mention young women and crafty broads who may need a reminder that they possess the greatest power on earth…

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